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Director Ann Bunyan founded the Rocky Mountain Chamber Singers  in Loveland, Colorado in 1988, with the goal of bringing a cappella choral music to northern Colorado. The group enjoys performing a great variety of styles, from the Renaissance masters through folk songs from around the world, to modern doo-wop, jazz, barbershop and pop/rock. The Chamber Singers revel in the breadth and variety of this literature, which requires an ear for many different styles and a dedication to precision and blend.
Audience members have raved, “Your selection of pieces is inspired!” and “Such wonderful blend and diction.” Reviews have praised the “…astounding display of virtuosity in technique, execution, style and versatility” and “…exact phrasing, excellent diction, impeccable intonation and a thorough knowledge of every style.”
Recordings include “RMCS A Cappella!”, “Christmas with the Chamber Singers”, “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and “Best of the Rocky Mountain Chamber Singers.”

Our Director

Ann Bunyan,

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Ann hails from North Syracuse, New York where she studied piano and flute, performing the Mozart Flute Concerto in D with the Syracuse Symphony as a high school senior.  She received her BM in Piano from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Potsdam.  While singing in the chorus which performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra in the summers, she taught introductory conducting at the Saratoga-Potsdam Choral Institute.  Ann received a MM in choral conducting from Southern Methodist University, under the tutelage of Lloyd Pfautsch.  As a Teaching Assistant directing the Women’s Choir at the University of Texas at Austin, she pursued a doctorate in choral conducting under the direction of Dr. Morris Beachy.
Ann met the Rev. Sathi Bunyan at SMU and two years later, married in India.  They have three children and three grandchildren.  Ann was Director of Choirs at All Saints Episcopal Church, Loveland for 29 years before she and Sathi, who was rector, retired.
As founder of the Rocky Mountain Chamber Singers, Ann has directed the group ever since, except for a sabbatical from 2000-2003.  A cappella music is her forte, for it is the best medium to reveal all the nuances of a choir, from diction to dynamics and phrasing.  She is known for her varied concert selections with music from the Renaissance to modern, including light jazz and pop styles.  Ann offers an eclectic program, knowing that various styles speak to different people, but she always emphasizes musicality, diction, dynamics and excellence in performance.

Our Performers

Women Men
Jackie Bonnema (2019) Trever Bonnema (2006)
Vickie Bonnema (2019) Steve Lovaas (2003)
Angela Bosco-Lauth (2012)* Aaron Owen (2019)
Ardeth Carlson (2001) Ian Rousom (2013)*
Abbe Castillo (2006) Mike Sheppard (1995)
Kristen Cummings (2017)* Jeremy Vesta (2019)
Nan Eckardt (2010)* Matt Wiersma (2019)
Amy Resseguie (2013)*
Dani Schlueter (2018)
Heather Vesgaard (2008)
Kathleen Vesta (2019)

*Members of the Board of Directors

Our Alumni


Ann Bunyan -1988-2000, 2003-present* **
Shane Lynch – Christmas 2000
Robert Molison –


Orrie Clemens*
June Cumberland Mills*
Jan Earle*
Sheryl Kuersteiner*
Richard Laingor*
B.J. Nikkel*
Eloise Parsons*
Jafe Parsons*
Neil Rickard*
Lisa Rush*
Susan Weber*
Nancy Ashbach
Larry Culley
Theresa Devenney
Marilyn Loney
Carol Nussbaumer
Carl Stout
Dan Engelhardt
Jenny Engelhardt
Mark Lindsey
Randy Gibbs
John Yoder
Susan Warren
Steve Lundeen
Sarah Feichtinger
Claire Kelleher
Clark Parsons
Doug Wyffels
Charlene Loomis
Mike Sheppard**

Julie Spencer
Marienne Metz Easton
Mickey Leonard
Kathy Herbener
Dave DeHooch-Kliewer
Karlin Gray
​Mark Richards
Melia Brush
Laura E. Cole
Chelsea Kenyon
Kelly Park
Chad Reagan
Ardeth Carlson**
Ken Christensen
Caren Everett
Tom Miles
Victor Issa
Janet M. King
Steve Lovaas**
Colleen Donnelly
Beverly Whiteside
Jamelyn Peterson
Darwin Leatherman
Jacob Thompson
Katie Benton
Sarah Studebaker
Phil Barnett
Mark Kubichek
Julia Owens
Holly Pippin
Jessica Schwickerath
Jason Duteil
Trever Bonnema**
Abbe Castillo**
Amy Hloucal Sager
Keah Kendall Redder
Steve Warner
Chris Williams
Dara Armstrong
Carol Schultz
Mary Sandell
Christina Forkner
​Heather Vesgaard**
Rachel Salemi
John Garner
Kevin Brinkmann
Jessica McAllister
Nan Eckardt**
Dana DeBuhr
Jill Homann
Jessica Krassow
Ethan McCutchen
Rosa Martey
Jenny Brinkmann
Alan Burke
Thaddeus Diede
Travis Mino
Angela Bosco-Lauth**
Elizabeth Hohweiler
Nathaniel Gillespie
Heather James
Amy Resseguie**
Ian Rousom**
Steve Hanna
Thalia Burd
Jayanthi Bunyan
Brittani Farrell
Emily McNeilly
Steven Thomson
Seth Willden
Chelsea Kendall
Nicole Ceciliani
​Josh Ceciliani
Chris White
Dona White
Bryan Kettlewell
Nathan Ward
Kristen Cummings**
​Andraya Perron
Joseph Perron
​Dani Schlueter**
Kathleen Vesta**
Jeremy Vesta**
Emilee Smith
Matt Wiersma**
Aaron Owen**
Jackie Bonnema**
Vickie Bonnema**

* = Founding member, 1988
** = Current member

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