Rocky Mountain Chamber Singers

Bringing top-notch a cappella choral music of all styles and genres to Northern Colorado for more than 30 years.


Please enjoy a replay of our Spring 2021 Virtual Concert by clicking here:

“The sound is terrific! What was special…musicianship, interpretation, precision,
expression, soloists, sense of joy, preparation.”

Barbara and John Lueck

“Wow! What an awesome performance! Your choral intonation and phrasing is impeccable! I’m honored to hear such a great rendition of my piece!”

Zack Taylor, Composer

“Sunday’s concert hit all the right notes perfectly. The balance and the quality of the voices were excellent. The technical aspects were precise and engaging. The dynamics were breathtaking on both ends of the spectrum. The diction was amazingly clear for a choir, and for any vocal performance. Musical expressiveness was rich and thrilling. There were many occasions when I caught myself forgetting to breath; the rich harmonies but very soft delivery elicited total immersion in the moment.”

Victor Issa

“…astounding display of virtuosity in technique, execution, style and versatility” with “…exact phrasing, excellent diction, impeccable intonation and a thorough knowledge of every style.”

The Coloradoan Newspaper

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